Why Block Printing?

Block Printing is one of the oldest types of printmaking. There are many techniques, but simply put, it is an ink transfer using hand carved material. You can find my transferred images on paper, fabric, even concrete products. Because the carvings are by hand, there is usually more texture to the prints, which I love! My designs are free-hand drawn onto a soft rubber block. I carve away the parts that I don't want to touch the paper during the transfer. Carving a block can take anywhere from an hour for a small piece to a couple weeks depending on the size and detail. Every print is placed by hand. If a tea towel has 50 bee prints, each of those bee transfers were thoughtfully placed. I chose to get into block printing because of the bold images that can be created. The beautiful technique is truly as "handmade" as you can get. Often there are imperfections and the craft requires a lot of patience - two things that I've had to learn to embrace over the years. 

I have drawn and painted most of my years. With drawing, I could erase or lay some lines without much thought. I would get caught up in making a piece perfect. Block Printing doesn't allow "go backs". Once something is carved away, it's gone. It requires me to be thoughtful but to enjoy the intentional moves, the imperfections, and the invitation to change things up. Once a drawing or painting is complete, it's finished. A print keeps on giving. I can change the material I print on, change the ink colors, add in a new layer. I love the experimentation! 

I still love watercolor, line and wash, charcoal, clay... pretty much anything I can get my hands into. As I continue to grow as an artist, I find myself more in love with the unexpected. The things that at once scared me away, I now choose to step into. And I know that each step and misstep along the way brings me into more confidence and growth.

Thank you for choosing Blockbox. Every item is an expression of my heart and has been crafted into a one-of-a-kind piece just for you!