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Kori’s Car Charms: Image
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When you order a Kori Car Charm, she creates for you (a surprise order) and says a prayer over each one that it will “drive” your life forward in love. Each order comes with two, one to cover you in a little extra happiness and one for you to pass on to someone else. As it hangs from your mirror, let it be a reminder that we are all connected and that you are loved. 

If you find one of the beads, listed at the bottom of this page, on your car charm: check back here for the meaning! 

Kori’s Car Charms: Welcome
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Includes 1 backpack beads for your little (or not-so-little) one & a matching car charm for you!

"I'll hang the car charm and I'll think of you. You carry the backpack beads and think of me too. Take it to school while you work and play. My heart will be with you throughout your day."

To order yours:  Choose "KB's You + Me Set" from the shop, then choose from the list, something that reminds you most of your child/teen/young adult, and we'll do our best to include it on your matching set.  If you don't see what you have in mind listed, please message your request before purchasing.

Kori’s Car Charms: Welcome

Kori’s love for animals is almost as strong as her love for people. She has a dream to continue riding horses and maybe own a horse of her own someday. Your car charm purchase will be added to her horse adventure fund. Thank you!

Kori’s Car Charms: Text
Kori’s Car Charms: Pro Gallery


Anchor: Hope, safety, security, Stability, sympathy, love
Angel Wings: Protection
Bear: Bravery, Peace, Powerful, Motherhood
Bee: Success, enjoy life to the full, organization, productivity, nurture, family, Believe in yourself
Bike: Freedom
Bird and feather: prayers carried to heaven
Bottle: Help to make important changes in your life
Butterfly: Message from a loved one, transformation
Cactus: Unconditional love, endurance, bravery
Car: To drive your life forward
Cat: Deep relaxed connection with self, curiosity, healing from inside out, intelligence, Independence
Clover: Each leaf represents health, wealth love and respect
Compass: Past, present, future and infinity
Cowboy hat: Status, power, freedom
Crescent moon: mother and childCross: You are loved
Crown: Power, triumph, honour, glory
Daisy: Love, freshness, motherhood
Deer: Love, grace, peace, beauty, abundance
Dinosaur: Desires, moves life forward, helps you not to give up
Dog: loyalty, intelligence, protection
Dolphin: Protection, Harmony
Dove: Universal peace, happiness, faithfulness
Dragonfly: New Beginnings, opportunities
Eagle: Opportunity, protection, focus, determination, guardianship
Elephant: power, travel, promotion, happiness, stability in love and friendship
Fairy: Beauty, femininity
Flower: Personal Growth, pleasant memories
Football: Keeps you on life’s path, helps formulate ideas
Footprints: God walks the path beside you
Fox: Smart
Frog: healing and cleansing
Gecko: healing, survival, renewalGiraffe: Vision, beauty, intelligence, gracefulness, patience
Hope: To give you the strength to look forward
Horse: Strength of character, power, grace, beauty, strength
Ladybug: Lucky, abundance, happiness, playfulness, living life to the fullest
Leaf: Happiness, truth, renewals, youth
Lion: Fearlessness, courage, power, dignity, justice
Lizard: healing, survival, renewal
Mermaid: love, beauty
Mushroom: Happiness
Music note: Free spirit
Octopus: Flexibility, diversity, mystery, vision, insight
Umbrella: Repels negativity
Owl: wisdom, change
Penguin: Travel
Rabbit: Birth, harmony, rebirth, growth, love, speed
Robin: hope, renewal, a sign of good things to come
Rose: Love, faith, beauty, passion
Sail boat: To be optimistic in all you do
Seahorse: Contentment, friendliness
Snail: Self-Assurance, healing, change
Star: Courage and purity of spirit, to reach for the stars with dreams and desires
Starfish: Patience, Healing, sensitive
Sun: uplifting, positive life giving, happiness
Sunflower: adoration, loyalty and longevity
Turtle: Endurance, protection, patience, strength, longevity
Unicorn: Purity, innocence and enchantment
Whale: Emotional Balance, healing, peaceful strength
Wishbone: Catch bad dreams

Kori’s Car Charms: Text
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